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Wyoming Vehicle Registration

Wyoming Vehicle Registration

The state of Wyoming requires motor vehicle owners to complete the Wyoming vehicle registration process for their motor vehicles. All motor vehicles must be titled and registered properly with the Wyoming Department of Motor Vehicles before being allowed to be driven on Wyoming highways and roads. The state requires passenger cars, farm vehicles, motorcycles, municipal vehicles, tractors, trucks, and others to have proper WY registration.

Wyoming Vehicle Registration for New Wyoming Residents

All brand new residents of the state of Wyoming must obtain a Wyoming vehicle registration after establishing residency in the state. If you have bought a motor vehicle from a private party, you are given thirty (30) days to complete Wyoming vehicle registration. If you purchase a motor vehicle from a dealer, you must have your official Wyoming vehicle registration within fifty (50) days.

In order to get your Wyoming vehicle registration, you must provide the Wyoming Department of Transportation the following documents and information:

 A properly signed vehicle title. New Wyoming residents must apply for a title before they can register their motor vehicles. If the title is lost, destroyed, or stolen, you can apply for a brand new title.
 Bill of sale if the vehicle is changing ownership.
 Proof of proper Wyoming insurance.
 Current vehicle registration certificate from out of state issuer for new Wyoming residents only.
 A completed Vehicle Identification Number inspection affidavit for new residents, which is available at your local county treasurer's office .

Wyoming Vehicle Registration Fees

Although each specific county handles Wyoming vehicle registration for its residents, Wyoming vehicle registration fees are determined by the state laws. Typical charges for a WY registration will include:
 State WY vehicle registration fee, which is based on the type of vehicle
 Local County registration fee, which is based on the suggested retail value of the motor vehicle and the age of the vehicle
 License plate fees, if you plan to get specialty or personalized plates
 Sales tax, if the motor vehicle is a brand new purchase and you have not paid tax on it before

Renewing a Wyoming Vehicle Registration

In order to drive your vehicle in Wyoming , you must renew your Wyoming vehicle registration annually with the Department of Transportation. In addition, Wyoming law requires that you maintain car insurance of the vehicle as well. You will receive a notice that will show your fee. The Wyoming County Treasurer's Association helps explain the fees with a fee calculator if you cannot wait for your notice to arrive. You can renew your vehicle registration in person or on mail. Certain counties in Wyoming will allow you to complete a WY vehicle registration online.

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