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Wyoming Permit Practice Test

Wyoming Permit Practice Test

To receive a Wyoming license, you must present a certified birth certificate or any other official government identification when applying for the first time. In addition, you must verify your social security number and present two documents that detail your residency in Wyoming. You will be applying for this license through the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Drivers as young as 16.5 may be granted full driving privileges as long as they have completed a driver’s education course and have a had a limited intermediate license for more than six months.

The Wyoming Rules of the Road is the driver’s manual that will help you pass the practice permit test for Wyoming. The written test is done through an automated testing system that tests identifying signs by shape/color/symbol, identifying pavement markings and multiple choice questions based on traffic laws, safety and crash avoidance. All of this information will be in that manual.

You may take the practice permit test Wyoming twice a day but you may be deferred if you fail by a wide margin. An interpreter will be allowed if the applicant is English deficient.

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