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Wisconsin License Plates

Wisconsin License Plates

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles requires drivers to register and title their vehicles. Afterwards, Wisconsin drivers are given the option to personalize their vehicle through special license plates. Wisconsin offers personalized, specialty, tribal, and disabled license plates.

Specialized Wisconsin License Plates

Wisconsin provides many different specialized plates that allow you to show your support, whether it's for an occupation or a sports team. Some specialized Wisconsin license plates include:

• Ducks Unlimited
• Green Bay Packers
• University of Wisconsin
• Automobile Hobbyist
• Freemason
• Lao Veteran
• Ex-POW
• U.S. Veteran
• Wisconsin National Guard
• Various Military Groups
• Endangered Resources Support
• Celebrating Children
Police Officer
• Rescue and EMT
• Specially designed Vehicle
• Firefighter

Depending on the plate you choose, there will be different fees and documents associated to the application. Certain special plates can be processed at any Department of Motor Vehicle customer service center.Personalized Wisconsin License Plates

You can order personalized Wisconsin license plates, or vanity plates for automobiles, motorcycles, certain trucks, and motor homes. Doing so requires a $15 annual fee in addition to the normal registration fees. Motorcycles and farm trucks also require the additional $15. A personalized Wisconsin license plate can have up to seven characters (or five for motorcycles), that can include letters and numbers. You must also explain what your license plate means, since profane, obscene, or offensive messages are not allowed. You can send Form MV2428, the Personalized License Plates Application with an additional $15 fee to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

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