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Virginia License Plates

Virginia License Plates

If your motor vehicle is properly titled and registered in Virginia, you can choose to purchase different Virginia license plates for your vehicle rather than receiving the standard-issue Virginia license plates. In order to purchase license plates, you must have your title number and vehicle ID number, which can be found on your registration card. If you are purchasing personalized, specialized, or souvenir Virginia license plates through the mail or in person, you will also have to complete and submit Form VSA 10, the License Plate Application form. If you decide to order Virginia license plates online instead, you can look through samples of all the available license plates and see what they would look if you decided to personalize them.

Specialized License Plate Designs

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles offers over 200 special Virginia license plates designs. For an additional annual fee, you can get Virginia license plates with your university logo and name, or promote the rotary club membership or show your enthusiasm for certain hobbies. There are different Virginia license plates representing civic organizations, the military, fraternities and sororities, and more.


You can also choose to personalize your Virginia license plates with a unique character combination of up to 7 numbers and letters. You can check online through the DMV Now service provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles to see if the license plate personalization you want is available. There is no obligation by using this service, but if you decide you want to purchase these special Virginia license plates, you can purchase or reserve your plates online. Personalized Virginia license plates cost an additional $10 every year.

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