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Utah Vehicle Registration

Utah Vehicle Registration

The state of Utah requires vehicle owners to complete the Utah vehicle registration process for their vehicles. Vehicles must be properly titled and registered before being allowed to be driven on Utah highways and roads.

Utah Vehicle Registration for New Utah Residents

New residents to the state of Utah are allowed sixty (60) days to transfer their vehicle titles and registrations. In order to transfer them to Utah vehicle registrations and titles, new Utah residents must provide the existing vehicle title (unless it held by a lien holder in a financing agreement as collateral) and the most recent out-of-state registration.

All motor vehicles that are undergoing the Utah vehicle registration and titling process for the first time are required by Utah law to have a Vehicle Identification Number inspection done. Form TC-661, or the Certificate of Inspection, has to be completed by a Division of Motor Vehicles employee, designated contractor, licensed dealer, peace officer, or a certified safety inspector. This can also be completed by a Division of Motor Vehicles employee at the time of your UT registration.

Utah Vehicle Registration Renewal

Utah vehicle registrations are renewed each year, and official renewal notices are mailed by the Division of Motor vehicles several weeks before to your UT vehicle registration expiration date in order to help you remember to renew your UT registration. Renewing your UT registration is a very simple process.

You have many different options for renewing your Utah vehicle registration. The most convenient way to renew your UT registration is by renewing it online through the RenewalExpress service provided by the Division of Motor Vehicles. Alternatively, you can go to a local inspection station that can complete your vehicle inspections, but also renew your UT vehicle registration. You can also go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles to renew your Utah vehicle registration office or return the UT registration renewal notice with your applicable inspection certificates and UT registration fee payment by mail.

Utah Vehicle Registration Fees

The amount you fees need to pay at the time of your Utah vehicle registration is based on the vehicle type, county, fuel type, and other factors. The taxes and fees that are assessed by the Division of Motor Vehicles during your UT vehicle registration can include the following:

• Registration fees based on the car type, weight, county of residence, and other factors
• Uniform fees
• Sales and use taxes based on the purchase price of the vehicle
• Temporary and in-transit permits & fees
• Vehicle titles and fees
• License plate fees
• Automobile driver education fee of $2.50
• Uninsured motorist identification fee $1 annually

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