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Utah Permit Practice Test

Utah Permit Practice Test

Utah does have a DMV, but that agency is for vehicle registration only. Instead, you will receive your license and take the permit practice Utah through the Department of Public Safety. A learner permit will be issued by any licensing office when the applicant is at least 15 years old and has parental consent. The fee will be $15 for this document as is contingent on passing the practice permit test for Utah.

A practice permit test Utah sample is available online and consists of 22 questions that are similar to the questions on the actual test. The online practice permit test for Utah is graded instantly and will provide feedback on the questions answered incorrectly. Knowledge of road safety, traffic signs and safe driving will all be tested on the practice permit test Utah.

The Utah driver’s manual is available on the DPS website and will contain all of the information necessary to pass the practice permit test for Utah. Additionally, there will be information on which identification to bring when applying for a learner’s permit in Utah. You will need to prove your identity, social security number and legal residency in the country. You will also need to pass a vision test, demonstrating that you have better than 20/40 vision with or without corrective lenses.

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