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Utah License Plates

Utah License Plates

All motor vehicles registered in Utah have to display license plates, which drivers receive after registering for the first time at the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles. Cars and trucks receive two Utah license plates for the front and rear of the automobile. However, motorcycles and trailers only receive one license plate. In order to receive replacement plates, you can bring registration card and pay $10 to get new plates.

Standard Utah License Plates

Utah has over 30 different license plates to choose from, excluding disabled plates, personalized plates, historic plates, and exempt plates. The standard Utah license plates come in two different styles, one with Utah's red rock geography and another with snow.

Special-interest Utah License Plates

There are more than 20 special-interest Utah license plates available to Utah drivers. Many of them have varying fees and requirements depending on the style. Some of them may also be personalized while others cannot.

Personalized Utah License Plates

For personalized Utah license plates, you can select a message of up to seven characters on a standard Utah license plate or five on a specialty plate. The Division of Motor Vehicles has guidelines about what your message can be and does not allow profane or obscene messages. After paying a fee of $55 (depends on the style) and $3 for mailing and submitting Form TC-817, the Application for Personalized Plates, you will receive your plates through the mail after approval. The Division of Motor Vehicles provides a helpful online service where you can pick a plate style and try out different license plates numbers to see if they are available. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Utah lawyers.

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