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Oklahoma License Plates

Oklahoma License Plates

The state of Oklahoma requires drivers to register their vehicles with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. After registering your automobile, you will then receive standard Oklahoma license plates for your vehicle. Additionally, you can opt for personalized Oklahoma license plates that have a customized designs or numbers and designs.

Personalized Oklahoma License Plates

Personalized Oklahoma license plates are created by the person registering the motor vehicle. With personalized plates, you can choose the numbers or letters that will be shown on your Oklahoma license plate. You are not allowed to duplicate an existing plate, but you can make up your own combination of letters and numbers.

You can also choose from a variety of different background colors for personalized Oklahoma license plates. However, if you want to have a personalized plate on a standard design, you can do that as well. In order to get a personalized Oklahoma, you must pay an initial fee of $22 and $21 for each annual renewal. You can get one by filing Form 749, or a Personalized License Plate Application Form.

Specialty Oklahoma License Plates

Oklahoma also provides different specialized license plates that have additional logos, insignias, or identifying marks of an organization, group, military branch, law enforcement group, or a service club. Some examples of specialty plates that you can get include the following:

• Ducks Unlimited
• Heart of the Heartland
• Fight Breast Cancer
• Humane Society
• Antique and Classic Car
• Oklahoma History
Environmental Awareness
• 4-H Club
• Balloonists
• Colleges and Universities in Oklahoma
• National Rifle Association
• U.S. Olympics
• Boy or Girl Scouts

The fees for these specialized plates vary depending on the plate. The fees can be from $2 to $28 dollars annually in addition to the standard registration fees. You can obtain one of these specialty Oklahoma license plates by filing the necessary forms and fees and sending them to any Oklahoma Tag Agency or the Motor Vehicle Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

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