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Ohio License Plates

Ohio License Plates

When you first register and title your vehicle in Ohio, you will be issued Ohio license plates by the Department of Public Safety Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Specialty Ohio License Plates

Ohio has many specialty plates that are available for Ohio drivers. Most specialty Ohio license plates include a fee that will directly go to the organization you are supporting. All specialty license plates include an annual fee that must be paid every year that can be up to $50, depending on the style of license plate ordered. However, this does not apply to military, combat, and disability license plates, which come with certain eligibility requirements.

Personalized Ohio License Plates

Many specialty license plates can be personalized, meaning you can request the license plate message. Personalized Ohio license plates must have a minimum of 4 characters and a maximum of 7. Ohio also provides drivers with the option of personalized logo plates, where a logo takes up one space on the plate.

Ordering Special Ohio License Plates

Drivers can order special Ohio license plates through a Deputy Registrar’s office, online, by mail, or by telephone.

• Deputy Registrar: Requests for special Ohio license plates can be made at Deputy Registrar's office. You can request Disability Special Interest, Amateur Radio, Collegiate and military Plates here as well. All other special plates can be paid for at a Deputy Registrar's office and then will then be mailed.
• Online: Ohio drivers can order their special plates through, which allows you to renew vehicles registrations or choose and buy specialty plates offered through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
• Mail: You can mail request forms that are available at a Deputy Registrar's office. The customer must also include necessary fees and required document(s) to the address found on the application.
• Telephone: Requests for special plates can be made through Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 1-800-589-8247.

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