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North Dakota Vehicle Registration

North Dakota Vehicle Registration

The state of North Dakota requires all drivers to apply for North Dakota vehicle registration for their vehicles. You may need to complete the ND vehicle registration for the very first time if:

• You recently moved to North Dakota and changed your permanent residency

• You recently bought a used motor vehicle from a private party
• You recently received a vehicle as an inheritance, gift or another family member

If you have to apply for a ND registration, you have (5) days after the vehicle’s purchase date to title your vehicle and complete the North Dakota vehicle registration process. If you are unable to make it to the Motor Vehicle Division office within this period of time, you will have to get a Form SFN51429, or a self-issuing temporary registration permit from a dealer, law enforcement agency, or a Department of Motor Vehicles branch office location.
These temporary permits are only valid for thirty (30) days.

Insurance before your North Dakota Vehicle Registration

If you are completing the ND vehicle registration process for the first time on a vehicle, you will need to make sure you have an adequate auto insurance policy. North Dakota vehicle registration cannot be done without having proof of insurance, and it is against the law to drive without it.

Paperwork for North Dakota Vehicle Registration

If you purchase a vehicle from an auto dealer, you probably will not have to worry about handling the ND vehicle registration papers. However, you should always make sure that both the titling process and the ND registration process are taken care of with your specific dealer.

If you have either bought a used motor vehicle from a private party or if you are transferring the ownership of a vehicle from another reason, you will need the following documentation for the ND registration process:

• The vehicle's title is necessary for the ND vehicle registration process. It needs to have the vehicle sale date, signature of the seller, the buyer’s name and address, and the odometer information if the motor vehicle is less than ten (10) years old.
• A filled out Application for Certificate of Title and Registration of Vehicle.
• A filled out Damage Disclosure Statement for vehicles that are less than nine (9) years old.
• 5% payment of sales tax.
• $5 Payment title transfer fee.
• Registration fees payment.

North Dakota Vehicle Registration Fees

The North Dakota registration fee is based on the year the vehicle was first registered (not the model year) as well as the weight. The Motor Vehicle Division of North Dakota provides a helpful online page for calculating the ND registration fees involved in your ND vehicle registration.

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