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North Carolina License Plates

North Carolina License Plates

When you register your motor vehicle with the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, you will receive a license plate for the back of the vehicle. You will be charged fees for registration and then you will receive validation stickers for your plate, which show the month and year that the registration expires.

Personalized North Carolina License Plates

In North Carolina, you can get purchase personalized license plates for an additional $30 on top of the standard registration fees. Personalized plates are typically the standard North Carolina license plates with a customized license plate number. The Division of Motor Vehicles is responsible for making sure your personalization is not offensive or already used by someone else. Personalized North Carolina license plates can have up to 8 numbers letters, and special characters. You can check with the Division of Motor Vehicles to see if your preferred personalization is available online.

Specialized North Carolina License Plates

There are around 100 different special-interest North Carolina license plates available. Most of them can also be personalized like the standard plates. Some examples include kids' advocacy, handicap, litter prevention, and military veterans. Each license plate has its own specific requirements and fees.

You can order your specialized and personalized North Carolina plate online if your motor vehicle is already registered. You can also order these North Carolina by mail by filling out the form Application for Personalized License Plates with a $30 check to the Special License Unit of the Division of Motor Services.

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