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New York Vehicle Registration

New York Vehicle Registration

With few exceptions, there the certain information or items that are required in order to apply for the New York vehicle registration. If you purchase a vehicle from a licensed New York dealer, the dealer may charge a fee to in order to apply to the Department of Motor vehicles for your NY vehicle registration. In many cases, the auto dealer may issue a temporary NY registration and, if necessary, vehicle license plates. The auto dealer normally submits all of your NY vehicle registration application and title certificate application to the Department of Motor Vehicles for you.

If you need to complete a NY vehicle registration yourself, you will need the following forms and documents for a New York vehicle registration:

• Proof of ownership of the motor vehicle.

• Proof of New York State sales tax payment, purchase price or exemption.

• Date of birth and proof of identity of the registrant.

• Proof of New York State liability insurance for the vehicle.

• Filled out E-ZVisit Form MV-82 EZV.

• Payment for NY registration fees and taxes.

Special Requirements for New York Vehicle Registration

There are also special requirements for New York vehicle registrations depending on the situation:

New York vehicle registration of a Leased vehicle

• Copy of title certificate

• Authorization for NY vehicle registration

New York Vehicle Registration for Out-of-State Registration

• For new vehicles that do not have any registration, the NY registration process requires the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin and the bill-of-sale form the dealer.

• For used vehicles purchased from a dealer outside of New York, you need an out-of-state title certificate or a transferable registration that is transferred to the dealer as well as the bill of sale from the dealer that transfers ownership to you.

• If purchased from a private owner, the NY vehicle registration process requires the previous owner’s bill of sale and the title certificate or the transferable registration

• If there is a on the out-of state title certificate, you must remove the lien, by proving that the lien is satisfied.

How to Complete the New York Vehicle Registration Process

Before starting, before you have proof of ownership and get statements disclosing previous damage and odometer readings. Also have proof of sales tax ready. You will need to bring FS-20, or a new York state insurance identification card to show proof of insurance. The Department of motor vehicles will only except in-state insurance during the NY vehicle registration process. You will also have to fill out Form MV-82, or the Vehicle Registration and Title Application form.

Fees for New York Vehicle Registration

In order to pay the NY registration fees and sales tax associated to the New York vehicle registration, you will need to bring some form of payment, whether it is cash, check, credit card, or a money order. New York state charges NY registration fees based on the weight of the vehicle and can range from$26 to $140 for a two year NY vehicle registration.

For new NY vehicle registrations, you will also have to pay an initial fee of $25 for plates, a $50 fee for title certification, and additional fees for sales tax, which depends on your jurisdiction. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact New York lawyers.

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