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New York License Plates

New York License Plates

New York's classic Empire Gold Plate license plates are the standard New York license plates. They cost $15 when you register your vehicle. The New York Department of Motor Vehicles issues two plates for cars and trucks to be placed on the front and back bumper or one license plate for motorcycles or trailers.

Personalized New York License Plates

For the initial fee of $60 and a fee of $31.25 each year after, you can order personalized New York license plates with up to 8 characters for standard Empire Gold plates or 6 characters for picture plates. Motorcycle New York license plates cost $35 initially and $18.75 each year after. The Department of Motor Vehicles has specific guidelines you must follow when picking your desired combination of numbers and letters, and the department does not have an obligation to grant every request. For example, they can deny obscene or offensive combinations.

If you want to order personalized New York License plates, you can first find out whether your preferred combination is available by searching online or calling (518) 402-4838. If the plate you want is available, you can order it right away.

Personalized plates can be transferred to another vehicle that is registered in your name, and you can get them replaced if they damaged, or stored with the Department of Motor Vehicles if you remove your motor vehicle from the road.

Picture New York License Plates

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles also makes many different New York license plates with logos or pictures related to different groups or organizations. The prices for these plates vary, but most sets cost $60 initially and then $31.25 each year after. You can personalize nearly all picture plates with up to 6 characters for higher fees (typically $91.25 for the initial fee and $62.50 annually). Some picture New York license plates include:

• Organizations and causes
• Professions
• Emergency services
• New York counties and regions
• Military and veterans
• Colleges, sororities, and fraternities
• Sports teams and NASCAR

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