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New Mexico Permit Practice Test

New Mexico Permit Practice Test

The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department will administer the practice permit test for New Mexico. New Mexico has a graduate licensing program that may being when an individual is 15 years old. To obtain a instruction permit, one must present one proof of identification number one proof of identity, two proofs or New Mexico residency. The MVD website will have a listing of acceptable forms of identification. Parental consent will also be required and the application form will be signed by them, certifying this action.

The permit practice test for New Mexico is optional only when the driver has completed a certified driver’s education program with an anti-DUI component. For persons in the graduated licensing program, they must have 50 hours of driving practice with hours at night as well as have a clean driving record and supervision by an adult 21 years and older who has had a license for three years.

Once these conditions have been met, a provisional license will be issued, again with parental consent, to teenagers older than 15 and a half. Unlike other states, the road skills exam is done not at the MVD but at a registered Driver Education School that will report the results to the state authority. Once the teenager turns 18, they may upgrade to a full, unrestricted license, without parental consent.

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