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New Jersey Vehicle Registration

New Jersey Vehicle Registration

All motor vehicles, both new and used, must be registered with the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission before operating within the state. Different rules for New Jersey Vehicle registration apply when renewing your NJ registration versus applying for an initial NJ vehicle registration.

First-Time New Jersey Vehicle Registration

In New Jersey law, a motor vehicle is considered new if the vehicle has never received a title issued to any other individual other than the vehicle dealer before to the customer's purchase. Leased vehicles are also considered new if the first retail purchaser is the leasing company and no other parties have previously purchased or leased the vehicle. This is applicable to passenger vehicles, and does not include omnibuses, school buses, or motorcycles. If you are registering your motor vehicle for the very first time in state New Jersey, you will be issued a one-year NJ registration for used cars.

The Motor Vehicle Commissions uses a Four-Year Accelerated Registration Program for New Jersey Vehicle Registrations, which requires all vehicle owners of brand new passenger vehicles to pay the NJ vehicle registration fee in full for a four-year period. If you have leased a new vehicle, you are required to pay the NJ registration fee for the entire term of the lease. If your lease agreement goes beyond the typical calendar year expiration period (for example, a 38-month as opposed to 36 month lease), you will be required to pay for that next year’s NJ vehicle registration period, or a full 48 months. The Motor Vehicle Commission does not issue refunds for any unused part of the four-year NJ registration

Renewing a New Jersey Vehicle Registration

In the state of New Jersey, most motor vehicles need to apply for an annual NJ vehicle registration renewal. To make this process easier, the Motor Vehicle Commission sends out an annual NJ registration renewal notice. This notice includes a PIN which can be used to renew an NJ vehicle registration either online or the phone. If you intend to renew your New Jersey vehicle registration online, there is a credit card convenience fee for the transaction. You can also call 877-DMV-NJ4U (877-368-6548) to update your NJ vehicle registration. If you wish to renew your New Jersey vehicle registration by mail, you will be provided an envelope with the renewal notice.

Alternatively you can mail your New Jersey vehicle registration renewal directly to the Motor Vehicle Commission.

New Jersey Vehicle Registration and Title Fees

There are many different fees that are applied during the NJ registration process. The basic registration fee varies depending on the weight class and model of a vehicle, but automobiles will usually range between $35.50 and $84. The fees for certain non-commercial motor vehicles can range anywhere between $12 and $94. Other fees that may be applied to the NJ vehicle registration process include:

• NJ registration transfer fee: $4.50

• Convenience Fee (Online NJ vehicle registration renewal): $2

• Transfer of ownership fee: $60 or $85 with a lien

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