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New Hampshire License Plates

New Hampshire License Plates

The first time you register your vehicle with the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Motor Vehicles, you will be given New Hampshire license plates for your motor vehicle. By displaying the New Hampshire license plates on your automobile with a current decal, it will show that you have a valid New Hampshire registration. There are four major types of New Hampshire license plates:

• Passenger Vehicles
• Motorcycles
• Commercial Vehicles
• Trailers

Within each category, there cannot be duplicate plate numbers. If you do end up getting the same number and letter combination, the two New Hampshire plates would be on different vehicles such as a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle.

Personalized New Hampshire License Plates

For many years, the state of New Hampshire offered the standard license plate that was white with green lettering that said "Live Free or Die." If you wish to have personalized New Hampshire license plates, or vanity plates, you can apply for new initial plates by using Form DSMV 40, or the Initial Plates Application. There is an additional fee for initial or vanity plates. New Hampshire provides two different kinds of license plates, in addition to the standard white with green lettering:

• The Moose Plate, the conservation plate. These New Hampshire license plates have a drawing of a moose on them with the state motto.
• Veteran New Hampshire license plates include an American flag as well as the state motto.Before you choose to get a vanity license plate, you can perform a search with New Hampshire’s Plate Check service to see if the letters and numbers you want are available.

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