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Nevada Permit Practice Test

Nevada Permit Practice Test

Among the unique features of the Nevada DMV is a live updated customer wait times chart that is updated frequently. This allows anyone that intends to take the practice permit test in Nevada to plan their trip to the DMV accordingly.

The minimum age to become a licensed driver in Nevada is 16 as long as parental permission is secured at the time off application. The teenager will need to pass the permit practice test in order to qualify for the road test to earn their license. Those applying for the first time will need evidence of a social security number, as well as evidence of full legal name and date of birth. All documents presented in this process but be original and certified.

Like other states, the testing will consist of vision tests, practice permit tests for Nevada and skills testing, commonly referred to as the road test. Testing can be conducted in either English or Spanish, depending on the needs of the applicant. The test may also be conducted by paper or electronically, depending on the location you choose to take the practice permit test for Nevada. The cost of the instruction permit will be $22 after you successfully complete the test.

The Nevada driver’s handbook can be downloaded directly from the Nevada DMV’s website and will be available in both English and Spanish.

If you need legal advice and assistance, contact Nevada lawyers.

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