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Missouri Vehicle Registration

Missouri Vehicle Registration

Missouri vehicle registration laws require vehicle owners to complete the MO vehicle registration for the vehicle through the Missouri Department of Revenue before being allowed to legally drive the vehicle on the roads of Missouri. Regardless of a vehicle being purchased from a dealership or an individual, they must be registered if they are in new or used condition. In addition, any new Missouri residents that have registered their motor vehicle to a different state have to complete a MO registration. The initial Missouri vehicle registration has to be done in person, and all subsequent Missouri vehicle registration renewals have to be done annually, either online, by mail, or in person.

If you have purchased a motor vehicle or been given a vehicle as a gift, you have to complete MO vehicle registration for it within thirty (30) days of possession. New Missouri residents also have thirty (30) days to complete their MO registration for their vehicles.

Initial Missouri Vehicle Registration

If you need to start the MO vehicle registration process for your motor vehicle for the first time, you will first have to provide the following documents for registration:

• The Manufacturer's Statement of Origin signed over to you or the Lien Release (DOR-4809).
• An Application for Motor Vehicle License (DOR-184).
• A notarized lien release.
• Proof of insurance
• A Personal Property Tax Receipt or alternatively, a Statement of Non-Assessment
• Odometer Disclosure Statement unless it is already stated on your vehicle title.

You must get your motor vehicle inspected, unless you qualify for an exemption. Vehicle safety inspections have to be performed at an authorized inspection station or by a licensed inspector who has received his authority by the Department of Revenue. You will receive an inspection certification after passing the inspection. If you reside in St. Charles, Franklin St. Louis, or Jefferson counties, you will also need to get an emissions test done on your vehicle.

After getting the correct documents in order, you can visit the Missouri Department of Revenue branch office for the MO registration. If your vehicle has been registered outside of Missouri, you must provide the original, title. You can get a temporary permit for thirty (30) days from the Missouri Department of Revenue as well.

Missouri Vehicle Registration Fees

After completing the MO vehicle registration, you must pay sales tax, registration fee, which varies depending on the vehicle’s model and weight, and possibly titling fees if you are also titling your motor vehicle.

Renewing Your Missouri Vehicle Registration

Owners of vehicles in Missouri have to renew their MO registration annually, and can do this either online, in person, or by mail. If you renew online, you can use the Motor Vehicle and Driver License service online where you will need to pay an additional fee for the use of a credit card for your online renewal. If you register by mail, you can send the renewal form to the Motor Vehicle Bureau. You can also bring this form to your local office with the appropriate payment. MO registration fees vary for different vehicles, but range between $18 and $100. There is an additional $5 penalty if you renew after your MO registration expiration date.

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