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Minnesota Permit Practice Test

Minnesota Permit Practice Test

The Minnesota Driver & Vehicle Services will be your resource for passing the practice permit test for Minnesota. A class D instruction permit for Minnesota will be valid for two years and will cost $12 plus a $1.75 technology fee. In order to pass your permit practice test for Minnesota, you should consult the Minnesota Driver’s Manual. Here you will learn all the information you need to apply for an instruction permit and also all information that will be on the written practice permit test for Minnesota.

You will need to be at least 15 years old to apply for an instruction permit. If this is the case, the 15 year old applicant will need to have a certificate of school enrollment and must be enrolled in a driver’s education program. Those that are 16 years old will need certification of completing a driver’s education course in order to qualify for a road test to become a licensed driver. All minors will also require parental approval in order to take the permit practice test for Minnesota. The test is free the first two tries but the third and fourth tries will cost $10 as a penalty for failing the first two attempts.You will only be allowed to take the knowledge test once a day and you must receive a score of at least 80% in order to pass. The test may be given on a computer at which point you may select another language or use audio assistance to have the questions read to you.

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