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Michigan License Plates

Michigan License Plates

Like other states, the state of Michigan requires drivers to register their motor vehicles with the Michigan Department of State. After registering your automobile, you will receive standard license plates for your motor vehicle. You can either choose the classic blue-and-white Great Lakes standard plate, or for an additional $5 a year, you can get the Spectacular Peninsulas Plate Michigan license plates. If you do not like either of these designs, you can go the online License Plate Store, which is run by the Secretary of State, where you can choose from many other designs.

In the License Plate Store, you can choose between personalized plates, historical plates, standard plates, collector license plates, veteran/military service plates, and fundraising license plates.

Personalized Michigan License Plates

Personalized Michigan license plates, or vanity plates, can be purchased instead of regular license plates for passenger vehicles, buses, pickups, motorcycles, motor homes, vans, and hearses. Motor Vehicles registered with a Gross Vehicle Weight plate or titled as "utility" are not eligible to receive personalized license plates.

Personalized Michigan license plates are available in the standard, Spectacular Peninsulas, special cause, veteran, and fundraising series. Personalizing a standard plate will cost $30 with $15 annual renewals. Applications are only processed at Secretary of State Offices. Vehicle owners will receive a receipt pending approval by the Department of State. Approved personalized Michigan plates are mailed from Lansing within three weeks.If your motor vehicle is already registered, you can use the time remaining on the license plate as credit toward the new personalized license plate. The fee for the personalized license plate service is prorated for the months remaining up to the expiration date. There is an additional fee if you change the style of the license plate on your motor vehicle.

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