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Maryland License Plates

Maryland License Plates

Like other states, the state of Maryland requires drivers to register their motor vehicles with the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration. After registering your vehicle, you can receive standard license plates for your motor vehicle. You can also get personalized Maryland license plates that have a customized designs or numbers.

Personalized Maryland License Plates

To request personalized Maryland license plates, also called vanity plates, you can go online through the Motor Vehicle Administration’s website or you can complete Form VR-164, the Application for Special Registration Plates. This completed form can then be mailed to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. You must also send the additional annual fee with the form. This fee can be paid by money order or a check made out to the Motor Vehicle Administration. Finally, you must also include a copy of your current registration card. The process of obtaining custom plates takes about eight weeks.

You can obtain personalized Maryland license plates for passenger cars, trucks 1 ton or less, motorcycles, non-freight trailers, historic vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, and street rods.

A Personalized Maryland license plate can consist of any combination of characters that do not exceed seven numbers, letters and spaces. Personalized Maryland license plates for motorcycles the disabled can have any combination that does not exceed six numbers, letters, and spaces No personalized plate can contain a diagram, symbol, slash, or any other character.

An additional yearly fee of $50 must be paid with the original registration and each renewal application for that vehicle. For a two year registration or renewal, this fee is $100.00. This additional fee cannot be prorated.

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