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Maine License Plates

Maine License Plates

Maine’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles provides a wide variety of specialty license plates that are available to anyone, such as popular Black Bear, Lobster, and other vanity plates. Special users can also apply for identification plates, while specialized vehicles in Maine are required by Maine law to obtain specialty Maine license plates.

Maine License Plates of Interest

The specialty plates, or plates of interest include the following:

Public Use:

• Black Bear

• Lobster

• Conservation

• Vanity

Special Users:

• Disabled

• Wabanaki

• Disabled mobile home

• Disabled veteran

Specialized vehicles:

• Special Equipment

• Bus

• Combination

• Horseless Carriage

• Motor Home

• Antique Auto

• Commercial

• Commercial Tractor

• Street Rod

• Farm

• Hire

Vanity Maine License Plates

Maine’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles allows you to obtain vanity license plates for your motor vehicle if you wish to have them. The process is the same as applying for regular Maine license plates. You first must visit your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles and show proof of ownership of your motor vehicle along with proof of insurance. Along with paying the usual fees, you will also need to pay an additional $25 initially and an additional fee each year after paying your registration fee. If you are ordering a specialty plate, that will also be an additional $20. You can search for available vanity plates and order them online through the Bureau of Motor Vehicle’s website.

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