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Louisiana Vehicle Registration

Louisiana Vehicle Registration

The state of Louisiana requires all vehicles to have proper Louisiana vehicle registration. This applies to both new and used vehicles. If you have done any of the following, you will need to complete an LA vehicle registration:

• Moved to the state of Louisiana

• Received a motor vehicle as a gift

• Purchased a vehicle

The LA vehicle registration and titling processes are linked together. You have forty (40) days from the date you took possession of the motor vehicle to title it and complete the Louisiana vehicle registration process, or else the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles will begin to assess penalties and interest charges. Meanwhile, new residents of Louisiana have thirty (30) days to complete the Louisiana vehicle registration process.

Getting Insurance for your Louisiana Vehicle Registration

LA vehicle registration laws require all drivers to have valid insurance for your motor vehicle. It is also against the law to drive in the state of Louisiana without having proper insurance for your vehicle. If you do not already have insurance, you will need to obtain some before continuing the LA registration process.

Required Paperwork for a Louisiana Vehicle Registration

If you purchased your motor vehicle from a dealer, the dealer should handle the paperwork for your LA registration automatically. However, if you purchased your motor vehicle from a private seller, or if you are registering an out-of-state vehicle, you will need to have the following documents ready for your LA registration:

• Proof of current auto insurance.
• Notarized and properly assigned title, or a duplicate title if original is unavailable
• Filled out and completed vehicle application.
• Current vehicle registration for out-of-state vehicles.
• Proof of payment of sales tax of the vehicle for out-of-state vehicles.
• Notarized Bill of Sale or invoice that shows the selling price of the vehicle for private sale purchases that do not show this that information on the vehicle’s title.
• A filled out odometer disclosure statement for any private sale purchases only.
• UCC-1 Financing Statement, chattel mortgage, or security agreement if any financing is involved.

Once you start the LA vehicle registration process, you will be included in a schedule for motor vehicle inspections. Once you do, proof showing that your motor vehicle passes these vehicle inspections becomes an important part of your paperwork. The Office of Motor Vehicles does not require separate emission or smog inspections, but the normal vehicle inspection does include different inspections of vehicle emission parts.

Fees for a Louisiana Vehicle Registration

The total LA registration fees and title fees are dependent on a few different circumstances. There many first-time LA vehicle fees. For example, Louisiana has the use tax, which is based on the sale price of your motor vehicle. While the state sales tax is 4 percent, this can vary depending on the municipality. Additionally, you may get more fees if you choose to choose a specialty or personalized license plate.
There are also additional fees involved in replacing a license plate, decal, or LA registration. You can find out more about these fees at your local Office of Motor Vehicles

Complete your Louisiana Vehicle Registration

After you gather the necessary paperwork for your LA vehicle registration and you have your payment for any fees, you can visit the Office of Motor Vehicles in order to complete the process. Alternatively, you may mail your LA registration to the Office of Motor Vehicles.

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