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Kentucky License Plates

Kentucky License Plates

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet allows people to personalize their Kentucky license plates in many different ways. They provided many different designs as well as the option to personalize your license plate number. Some of the specialty Kentucky license plates provided include the following:

• Regular issue license plates
• Special issue license plates
• Regular personalized license plates
• Disabled issue license plates
• University issue license plates
• Independent college license plates
• Military issue license plates
• Military motorcycle license plates
• Military motorcycle personalized license plates
• Military personalized license plates

Any standard passenger car such as a car, SUV, van, or pick-up truck, military, or motorcycle Kentucky license plates can be personalized.

Personalized Kentucky License Plates

For passenger car Kentucky license plates, the character combination of the license plate can include 6 characters, both letters and numbers, well as a dash or a space or dash. For motorcycle license plates, they can have up to 5 different characters in combinations including both letters and numbers. However, it is important to note that the combination of characters found on a personalized Kentucky license plate can only be found on one plate at a time. This means that you will not be able to get the same personalized Kentucky license plate for both your family car and your motorcycle.

Depending on the type of application, you will need one of the following forms:

• Form TC96-218 for Personalized Plates
• Form TC96-205 for Disabled Plates
• Form TC96-015 for Special Plates
• Form TC96-207 for Volunteer Fire Fighter Plate
• Form TC96-221 for Judiciary Plates
• Form TC96-220 for Legislative Plates
• Form TC96-228 for Disaster/Emergency Service Plates

Standard personal license plate application fees come with a $25 fee which must be paid at the time of registration as well as a registration fee of $15 when you pick up your license plate. Some specialty plates also have additional fees.

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