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Kansas License Plates

Kansas License Plates

Kansas requires you to have Kansas license plates on your motor vehicle. In order to get them, you must register your motor vehicle with the Kansas Department of Revenue Division of Vehicles.Personalized Kansas License Plates

If you wish to purchase your own personalized Kansa license plates, you must first visit your local Division of Vehicles office. You will have to apply and pay for the new Kansas license plates at least four months prior to your vehicle's registration renewal date.

You can personalize Kansas license plates with a maximum of seven letters, numbers or spaces for a passenger vehicle, and five letters, numbers or spaces for a motorcycle or disability plate. You can use any combination that is currently available as long as the combination is not profane, lewd, indecent or vulgar in symbol, meaning, or connotation.

The Division of vehicles issues personalized Kansas license plates a five-year cycle. This cycle allows Kansas license plates that are no longer used to be cycled back for the use of other drivers. These personalized license plates are only available in one plate style that unique to personalized license plates only. The current artwork of personalized Kansas license plates depicts a brown buffalo on a tan background. The personalized plates for cars are limited to seven characters, while motorcycle plates are limited to five.

Personalized Kansas license plates have a fee of $40, which is a one-time fee for the five-year cycle. At the end of each five-year cycle, you must renew the license plate personalization, but there will not be an additional fee. However, your registration will still be subject to the normal vehicle registration fees, plate fees, personal property taxes, and county service fees.

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