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Iowa License Plates

Iowa License Plates

When you buy your first motor vehicle as a resident of Iowa, you will receive two Iowa license plates after paying your registration fees. Your Iowa license plates will show a unique plate number. Iowa license plates follow the driver rather than the car. For example, if you decide to sell your car and buy a replacement once within 30 days, you may use old Iowa license plates on your new car once after paying the necessary registration fees. If your Iowa license plates are damaged lost, you may obtain replacement Iowa license plates at your local county treasurer's office for just $5.

Personalized Iowa License Plates

The state of Iowa provides many different specialty or personalized Iowa license plates. The selection of designs includes license plates for breast cancer awareness, Iowa's Motorcycle Rider Education program, organ and tissue donor awareness, and plates different state universities in Iowa. There are many personalized license plates that are used to honor Purple Heart recipients, military veterans, and former prisoners of war.

In most situations, you can get personalized plates for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles, travel trailers, motor homes, and trailers. Fees for personalized or specialty Iowa license plates are in addition to the normal annual registration fees of a motor vehicle. These fees depend on the license plate design chosen. Specialty or personalized Iowa license plates can be purchased through your county treasurer's office or by using the application forms found on the Iowa Department of Transportation website.

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