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Indiana Permit Practice Test

Indiana Permit Practice Test

Those that are 15.5 years old and current enrolled in a driver’s education program may apply at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a learner’s permit. You must have has a learner’s permit for 6 months and completed 50 hours of driving practice before you are eligible to take a road test and earn an Indian driver’s license. To apply for the learner’s permit, you must present proof of school enrollment as well as proof of identity, social security number and Indiana residency. There will also be a vision test to ensure you can operate a motor vehicle safely, with or without glasses.

The Driver’s Manual for Indiana will be your primary resource when preparing for the practice permit test in Indiana. Each chapter of this manual is available for download at the BMV website. Chapter 7 of the manual will contain sample questions that will be found on the practice permit test for Indiana. The permit practice test for Indiana will consist of 16 sign identification questions and 34 multiple choice questions. You may miss no more than 2 sign identifications and 6 multiple choice questions in order to pass the test.

After receiving the permit, those under the age of 18 may practice only with a licensed relative sitting in the passenger seat of the car. Those that are over 18 are subject to the same requirement, but may have a licensed driver other than a relative in the passenger’s seat.

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