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Indiana License Plates

Indiana License Plates

When registering your motor vehicle in Indiana, you can choose your Indiana license plates. While you can opt for the basic, standardized your Indiana license plates, you can also choose between personalized plates, special recognition plates, and others such as disability plates.

Special Recognition Indiana License Plates

There are many different Indiana license plates with backgrounds of different subjects such as military organizations, universities, firefighting, breast cancer awareness, Native Americans, nursing, diabetes, arts, sports, Boy Scouts, engineering, and even historical ones like Lewis and Clark.

You can obtain some of these Indiana by going to the Indiana Bureau of Motor vehicles. Many others specialty places will require you to directly contact the organization to request an application for the specific plate. Once you complete the application and pay the appropriate group fees, you should get an authorization form that you can take to the BMV obtain your specialty Indiana license plates.

All specialty plates have a $15 Bureau of Motor Vehicles administrative fee. Many also have an additional fee of up to $25, but this fee supports the organization or group directly.

Personal Indiana License Plates

The personalized Indiana license plate is available on standard and special plates. These plates are available for plates are available for passenger automobiles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and certain trucks.The cost to personalize your Indiana license plate is $48 each year, in addition to the standard registration fees as well as the cost of the specific specialized plate

To apply for you’re a personalized Indiana license plate, you can stop by to a local BMV agency and complete the correct application. You can complete this application at any point in the calendar year, but you will not receive your personal Indiana license plate until April of next year. You will have to go back to same BMV branch to pick up your Indiana license plate.

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