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Illinois Vehicle Registration

Illinois Vehicle Registration

First-Time Illinois Vehicle Registration

You will need to complete your Illinois vehicle registration for the very first time if you recently:

• Purchased a motor vehicle
• Received a motor vehicle as a gift

• Moved to the state of Illinois from another state

The Illinois vehicle registration process as well as titling process are very closely related to each other. If you become the owner of a motor vehicle, you are required to title and register it within twenty (20) days of the transaction. If you have just moved to the state of Illinois, the state will give you thirty (30) days to title the vehicle and complete your IL vehicle registration.

Purchase Insurance before Illinois Vehicle Registration

Although you do not need to show proof of liability insurance when you first register your motor vehicle (you can just include the needed information on the IL form), you cannot legally drive on Illinois roads without insurance. If you have not fulfilled this requirement, you need to find an insurance company that can provide your vehicle with a policy within Illinois before trying to complete an Illinois vehicle registration.

Prepare the Paperwork for Illinois Vehicle Registration

If you are purchasing your vehicle from a dealership, the dealer usually will handle the Illinois vehicle registration and titling application for you. If you do not get your vehicle from a dealership and you need to complete the Illinois vehicle registration process yourself, you will need the following documents:

• A filled out Form RUT-50 (private party purchase)
• A filled out Form VSD-190 Application for Vehicle Title and Registration
• A properly assigned title
• A filled out Tax Form RUT-50 (private party purchase) or Form RUT-25 (dealer purchase)

If you are registering a vehicle from out-of-state with an existing lease or lien, there are additional requirements necessary.

Fees for Illinois Vehicle Registration

Your very first-time IL vehicle registration, with standard license plates, will cost $99. There are additional feels if you wish to purchase Personalized or specialty license plates.Completing your Illinois Vehicle RegistrationIn order to complete your Illinois vehicle registration, you will need to go to a Secretary of State Office and bring along all necessary documents as well as proper payment. Alternatively, you may mail these two items instead to the following addressSecretary of StateVehicle Services Department501 S. Second St., Room 014Springfield, IL 62756License PlatesWhen you process your Illinois vehicle registration in person and choose to get standard license plates, the Secretary of State Office will then issue you your new Illinois license plates on the spot as a part of your IL registration. IF you have chosen personalized or customized plates, you will receive those plates from the Secretary of State through the mail as a part of your IL registration.

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