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Illinois License Plates

Illinois License Plates

When you register your motor vehicle for the first time, you registration will include two standard Illinois license plates. The registration for these standard Illinois license plates costs $79 each year to renew for cars or trucks that weigh 8,000 pounds or less.

Personalized Illinois License Plates

While you can get standardized license plates, you can also order personalized Illinois license plates that have your own message as the license plate number. These customized Illinois license plates also known as vanity plates. In addition to the normal registration fees, these plates cost $94 to register. You may even personalize specific specialty license plates.

Many specialty Illinois license plates that are available help support a particular organization or cause. Sometimes, certain specialty Illinois license plates are only available to members of an organization. Other specialty plates are openly available to those who are willing to pay an extra fee to support the charitable cause. Most of these plates also require an additional renewable fee for each year. Some of the specialized Illinois license plates can be personalized.

Some of the special-interest Illinois license plates that are available include the following:

• Affirmation for Pearl Harbor Survivor license plate
• Amateur Radio license plate
• Collegiate license plate
• Education license plate
Environmental license plate
• Firefighter license plate
• Master Mason license plate
• Military license plate
• Organ Donor license plate
• Park District Youth license plate
• Persons with Disabilities license plate
• Pet Friendly license plate
Police Memorial license plate
• Prevent Violence license plate

To apply for a personalized license plate, the Cyber Drive Illinois website provides the Pick-a-Plate service to choose your customized Illinois license plates online.

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