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Idaho Vehicle Registration

Idaho Vehicle Registration

There are many different scenarios where you will need to register your motor vehicle in your name, for an Idaho vehicle registration including:

• After establishing Idaho residency
• Buying a used car from a private party (not a dealer)

• Transferring ownership to of a vehicle from family, inheritance, or as a gift

After purchasing a vehicle within the state lines of Idaho, you have thirty (30) days to register that vehicle. If you delay your Idaho vehicle registration beyond this deadline, you will be charged an additional $20 late fee for your tardiness. If you have acquired the motor vehicle in a different state, the thirty (30) days deadline for Idaho vehicle registration begins the very first day that you bring the vehicle from another state into Idaho. If you are a brand new resident of Idaho, you will be given ninety (90) days to register your vehicle through the Division of Motor Vehicles. It is important to note that you must title your vehicle before attempting to register it.

Getting Insurance before Your Idaho Vehicle Registration

Before you can register your motor vehicle, you are required by Idaho vehicle registration laws to make sure that your vehicle has liability insurance. The provider of the insurance must be authorized to provide insurance within that state.

Preparing Paperwork for Your Idaho Vehicle Registration

If you are purchasing a motor vehicle through a dealership, the dealer will complete the title application for your vehicle. You will then have to take this title application your local county assessor's office in order to complete your ID vehicle registration. Remember, you must first title your vehicle before you can complete your ID registration.

If you have just very recently relocated your residency to Idaho or if you have just bought a used vehicle from a private party, you need to complete the following steps for your ID vehicle registration:

• Have the title of the vehicle signed-over to you.
• Fill out and complete the title application.
• Pay any applicable ID registration fees.

Calculate Fees for an Idaho Vehicle Registration

There are many different variables involved in figuring out your exact ID registration fees, including the specific county of residence and the age of your motor vehicle.First-Time Fees for ID Vehicle Registration

You will most likely see some additional charges when you register your vehicle for the very first time. Depending on the situation, you may be charged for new license plates, postage for mailing the new license plates or a Vehicle Identification Number inspection.

Once you have your documents in order and prepared, you can bring them all to your local county assessor's office in order to complete your ID registration for your vehicle. While there, you will also need to order license plates for your motor vehicle. You can choose from a standard plate which costs $25, or you can opt for a specialty plate or a vanity plate. You will then have to stick your ID registration stickers on your license plate, which confirms that you are legally registered in the state of Idaho. You must affix the decals to your rear plate.DMV Registration Renewal

You need to renew your motor vehicle's registration every year in accordance with Idaho law through the DMV registration renewal process. Additionally, you must also keep your car insurance at all times. You will receive a DMV registration renewal notice in the mail that lets you know. Unlike many other states, there are no late registration fees for Georgia. You can complete your DMV registration renew by mail, in person, or online.

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