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Georgia License Plates

Georgia License Plates

Like other states, the state of Georgia requires drivers to register their motor vehicles. After registering with the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division, you can receive standard license plates for your automobile. You can also get personalized Georgia license plates that have a customized designs or numbers.

Getting a Prestige Georgia License Plate

Georgia’s Motor Vehicle Division issues prestige plates. In other states, these are usually referred to as personalized plates or vanity plates. To apply for a personal prestige Georgia license plate, you should complete Form MV-9B, the Request for the Manufacture of a Personal Prestige License Plate. You can use this form to request up to six possible choices for your motor vehicle (you will get the first one that is available from your choices). The application form carefully explains what letter and number combinations can be used for a prestige Georgia license plate. Any requests for prestige Georgia license plates that are profane, defamatory, or obscene will be denied, as will any requests for license plates that are already in existence.

Fees for Prestige Georgia License Plate

For each plate you request, there will be a $35 manufacturing fee. For any pre-paid prestige Georgia license plates, the registration renewal fees include the following:

• Ad valorem tax
• $20.00 annual fee
• $35.00 annual special fee
• $1.00 to have the plate mailed
If you do not pre-pay the manufacturing fee, the registration fees include the following:

• Ad valorem tax
• $20.00 annual tag fee
• $35.00 manufacturing fee
• $35.00 annual special tag fee
• $1.00 to have the plate mailed

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