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Florida License Plates

Florida License Plates

Like all other states, the state of Florida requires drivers to register their vehicles. After registering with the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, you can receive standard license plates for your automobile. You can also get personalized Florida license plates that have a customized image or license plate number.

Getting a Personalized Florida License Plate

Personalized Florida license plates can be issued to any motor vehicle lessee or owner or lessee except if a vehicle requires "Apportioned," "Restricted," "Wrecker," or dual truck license plates. Applications for personalized Florida license plates have to be submitted to the license plate agency for prior approval or rejection of your license plate choice to ensure that no obscene or objectionable choices are processed. Aside from the normal costs of standard Florida license plates, personalized plates cost an additional $15 each year for each personalized plate.

Applications for personalized Florida license plates can be submitted at any time of the year. The manufacturer of the plate has 45 calendar days to make and ship the personalized license plate. In general, license plates are issued for that current registration period unless the application is made during an advance registration period, which is three months before the birth month of the owner or designated registration period. When the personalized plate application is sent during the advance registration period and the full registration tax is paid, the personalized Florida license plate will expire the following year. In order to apply, you must fill out the Application for Personalized License Plate, or form HSMV 8304 issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles – Division of Motorist Services. The application should be submitted to your local tax collector office.

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