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Delaware Permit Practice Test

Delaware Permit Practice Test

The permit practice test for Delaware will consist of two parts, a vision screening and a highway sign and signal test. These tests will gauge how well qualified the applicant is to respond to driving conditions and practice safe driving. Those 16 years or older with an out of state license may drive in Delaware but those that establish residency in Delaware must obtain a state driver’s license within 60 days.

You are required to show identification when applying for a learner’s permit in Delaware. This will include one document that shows proof of full legal name, date of birth, and citizenship/legal presence in the United States and another document that verifies your identity as the person named in the primary document. You will also need to show proof of a Social Security Number, generally the card itself. Delaware residency will be proven through utility bills, certain employer and bank records and voter registration.

You may take a practice permit test for Delaware at the Delaware DMV website. The two practice tests will test either general driver knowledge or traffic sign identification. To prepare for this test, you should consult the Delaware driver’s manual, which is available in Spanish, Haitian, Chinese and Korean, all of which are available on the state DMW website.

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