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Delaware License Plates

Delaware License Plates

Delaware license plates are put on your vehicle once you registered it with the Division of Motor Vehicles. Commonly known as tags, you will mount the plate on the back of your vehicle. The Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles provides tags and decals for your motor vehicle after you complete the registration process. These tags expire either on the last day or the 15th day of the given month. Your decal will show the year and month of your license plate expiration. These decals should be placed on the lower right corner of your Delaware license place.

Customized Delaware License Plates

You can purchase vanity plates, which are Delaware license plates that have customized license plate numbers. The fee for a vanity Delaware license plate is $40 each year in addition to the regular annual registration fee for a motor vehicle. The customized Delaware license plates can be ordered at any Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles facility. If you want to search to see if your desired license plate number is available, you can check the availability online using the Vanity Plate Search on the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles’ website.

The issuance of customized Delaware license plates is subject to certain rules. Your plate must be approved b the Division of Motor Vehicles. Any license plates deemed offensive or vulgar in nature will be denied, or recalled if it is initially overlooked.

Vanity license plates must display at least a single letter and can also include a combination of letters and numbers that does not exceed seven characters in length. Motorcycle vanity license plates are restricted to five characters in length. If the vanity plate includes numerals, they will be displayed to the right of the letters. Ampersands, spaces, and hyphens are allowed and will count as a letter.

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