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Colorado Vehicle Registration

Colorado Vehicle Registration

First-Time Colorado Vehicle Registration

The Colorado Department of Revenue requires drivers to complete their CO vehicle registration for their vehicles within 60 days of purchasing a new or used car or within 90 days of becoming a resident of the state of Colorado. Requirements for Colorado Vehicle Registration

Drivers will need the following items under Colorado vehicle registration laws:

• Proof of Insurance
• Secure and Verifiable Identification Information
• Odometer disclosure complete
• Proof of Colorado Vehicle Emissions
• A bill of sale for sales tax purposes
• Title assigned in the owner's name or the current out-of-state registration.
• If the vehicle is titled in another state, Vehicle Identification Number verification must be completed.
• Payment of appropriate taxes and fees
• If there is a lien, an appropriate mortgage document (such as a security agreement) is necessary for CO vehicle registration. It must be an original, certified copy, or carbon copy and should have the vehicle’s description - make, year, vehicle identification number, lien holder's information, lien amount, and the owner's signature.
• According to Colorado vehicle registration laws, vehicles titled for the very first time within the state must be accompanied with at least the Statement of Origin from the manufacturer, a certified weight slip, or valid title or registration specifying weight in order to determine the vehicle’s weight.

Fees for Colorado Vehicle Registration

Fees for CO vehicle registration are based on the type of vehicle being registered and the empty weight. Further fees can be collected based on the specific county of residence and the type of license plate chosen. Colorado vehicle registration also calls for Specific Ownership Taxes, which are based on the year the vehicle was manufactured and the original taxable value of the vehicle. This tax replaces personal property tax. Under CO vehicle registration laws, motor vehicles do not have to be operated to be assessed this type of tax. However, this rate is assessed based on the original taxable value and is usually around 85 percent of the manufacturer’s suggested price.

You can submit payment for CO vehicle registration both as cash and credit card depending on the county. In order to find out more information about what forms of payment are accepted, you can contact your local motor vehicle office for more information about CO registration

There are also Colorado vehicle registration late fees, which are imposed when the payment for renewing your Colorado vehicle registration is not received on time. With the exception of having a temporary permit, vehicle owners receive a month grace period after their old Colorado vehicle registration expires. Afterwards, the $25/month late fee applies to any part of the months for a maximum of four months. The total amount for these late fees on CO vehicle registration cannot exceed $100.

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