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Colorado License Plates

Colorado License Plates

The Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles requires that all motor vehicles display valid Colorado license plates. The state of Colorado has both special and standard plates available. Many of these styles can be personalized. The following plates can be personalized:

• Regular Plates
•Alumni Plates
• Group Special Plates
• Designer Plates
• Motorcycle Plates
• Other Plates

Personalized Designer and Regular Colorado License Plates

Personalized Colorado license plate configuration must have at least two positions and cannot exceed seven. Depending on your application, there may be additional fees are before your personalized plate application is approved. Afterwards, there may also be fees issued each year thereafter upon renewal of your personalized Colorado License Plates. Applicants who have their applications approved will receive a billing letter with further instructions. Payments for your Colorado license plates should not be sent with your initial application.

In order to apply for personalized plates, you need to fill out Form DR 2810, or the Personalized License Plate Application. If you need to replace your personalized forms, you must use Form DR 2204, the Personalized Plate Replacement form. In order to personalize your plates, you must fulfill the following qualifications:

• The only characters that are allowed on personalized Colorado license plates are the uppercase English alphabet, English numbers excluding zero, dashes, blank spaces, and periods.
• You can only have seven characters (6 for motorcycle) including blanks, periods, and dashes. You must have at least 5 characters if they are all numbers, or two for any other plates.

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