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Buy a Junk Car Laws

Buy A Junk Car Laws

If you are searching for “buying a junk car,” one probably assumes that you are trying to unload a junk car. There are many businesses and organizations that will gladly buy your junk car, under certain conditions. In order to maximize the value of your junk car, be sure you are aware of the market value of the car, the relative price of components that can be salvaged from it and if you might want to donate the car. Therefore, when it is time to find someone to buy a junk car, having this information in mind will help you maximize what you will get in return.

Donating a junk car

Some charities will ask you to donate a junk car as an alternative to finding some to buy the junk car. The charities will then dispose of the junk car and use the proceeds for charitable purposes. If you do this, you may be able to claim the donation on your taxes. Bear in mind however, that you will only be able to claim the saleable market value of the car, not the original value of the car. This of course will be very little, if the car is indeed a junk car. However, if the charity will haul the junk car away at their expense and it frees you from the burden of the junk car, you may want to consider this option.

Selling a junk car

Most national junk car buyers will have local affiliates that will tow away the junk car after you have made the appropriate arrangements with the national buyer. When contacting the nation buyer, you will usually have to provide the make and model of the car as well as the year of manufacture. You will leave contact information so you will be contacted with a quote for your junk car.

Cars you may not sell

It is against the law to sell any car, even a junk car, as long as there is a lien against it. You may not sell a perfectly working car out of spite or revenge and you will be subject to fines and penalties for violating federal law. The title and the car must remain in your possession until the lien and other debts that the car secures are resolved. You will not be able to use the proceeds from the junk car to settle the debt.

Tow away service

Almost all large junk car removal services will pay for removal of the car through a towing service. You should not have to pay to have the car towed away if a company is buying your junk car.

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