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Alaska Vehicle Registration

Alaska Vehicle Registration

Alaska issues AK registration for passenger vehicles, buses, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, motor homes, ATV's, trailers, and snow machines.

Alaska Vehicle Registration for a New Vehicle

If you wish to register a vehicle in Alaska that is not in your name, you will first have to title the vehicle. Alaska issues titles for passenger vehicles, buses, trucks, vans, mobile homes, trailers, and motor homes, motorcycles. After purchasing a vehicle, you must to transfer the vehicle to your name within thirty (30) days of the sale date.

If you buy a new of used vehicle or if you transfer the title from another state, you must submit your ownership document, an original Application for Title and Registration, lien release, emissions certificate, and related fees. You may also need additional documents for transferring your license plates for your AK registration.

Renewing an Alaska Vehicle Registration

If you need to renew your AK registration, you can do so for your cars, vans, trucks, snow machines, motorcycles, trailers, boats, and ATVs. You should start the process early enough to ensure that you have your new Alaska vehicle registration before your current AK registration expires. All vehicle AK registrations expire on the very last day of the registration month. Alaska requires two license plates for passenger vehicles, vans and trucks. Motorcycles and trailers only require one.

If you wish to use Alaska’s online registration services for your Alaska vehicle registration, your address has to be correct on DMV records. If your address is not correct and you cannot update your address with this system, you must renew your registration by mail.

Alaska Vehicle Registration In Person or By Mail

If you plan to do a DMV registration renewal for your Alaska vehicle registration in person or by mail, you must provide the following information:

• A Pre-bill copy of the last registration of your vehicle, a letter requesting to renew, or a Vehicle Transaction Application. You must include your license plate number in a letter requesting to renew.
• If your motor vehicle needs an Emissions test, please bring a certificate with you.
• A personalized money order or check. There is a $10 service fee for a DMV registration renewal if you choose to do it in person, unless your vehicle registration has been expired for more than an entire year.

You also have the option to renew your AZ vehicle registration at an I/M station. Some of these stations may charge a fee for having to process your Alaska vehicle registration DMV registration renewal. If you wish to know in advance what fees you will be charged for your Alaska vehicle registration, you should call the station before renewing your AK registration. You must have two license plates to renew your registration at an I/M station.

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